Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Canoeing, Kloofing & Abseiling with Eden Adventures

Eden Adventures, now located at Fairy Knowe Hotel, offers  a bunch of exciting outdoor activities including canoeing, kloofing and abseiling.


Their canoes come equipped with paddles, buoyancy aids and waterproof containers for picnics, cameras etc, and a map to assist you in your decision making.

 The most popular is to pack a picnic and some swimming gear and head to the Touw River Waterfall. As you leave Eden Adventures you paddle up the Touw River through the indigenous forest, where there is an abundance of birdlife. After about 40mins of easy paddling you will reach a point where it becomes too shallow and too narrow to continue. Leave the canoe on the right hand side of the river and follow the path up onto the bank. There you will come across a stunning new 2km long boardwalk which will take you straight to the waterfall. Relax, swim, picnic and return via the same way.


 Kloofing, also known canyoneering, is a popular summer activity. The fun starts as one negotiates one's body into a wetsuit. After kitting-up they take you boulder hopping and swimming down narrow canyons with lush indigenous forest on either side. For the brave there are always the optional jumps off the cliffs into the cola coloured water below.

 All you need to take is a costume, shoes or sandals that can get wet and a camera (they will carry it in a waterproof container for you). Also, don't forget your towel and dry clothes for the end.

The Half day Cappuccino Canyon (Kaaimans Kloof) is the most popular kloofing trip as it is a fantastic kloof for beginners, yet there are many jumping possibilities for the brave. The deep pools with towering cliffs offer spectacular scenery and an amazing introduction to kloofing.


 Abseiling is all about using a rope and other specialised equipment to descend a cliff. The serene Kaaimans Gorge holds one of the most beautiful abseil sights you will find. You have a chance to do two 45m abseils right next to a magnificent waterfall. The first abseil is an easy one to get you used to the idea of trusting the ropes and the second one is slightly more technical, however just as exhilarating.

 What also makes this sight special is that you land in a canoe at the bottom. You need not have abseiled before, however it is not for the faint-hearted! It is also important to remember not to wear slippery shoes.


A two man canoe costs R100 per hour, or R280 for half day hire which you will require if doing the waterfall trip.

Both Kloofing & Abseiling half day adventures will cost you R500pp.

Eden Adventures Are situated in Wilderness at the Fairy Knowe Hotel. It is aprox. A 20 minute drive from Porcupine Pie.

Tel/Fax: (044) 877 0179

 Email: info@eden.co.za

To read more about these & other activities visit our website: http://www.porcupinepie.co.za/activities3.htm
Prices correct when posted (Oct 2014). Check for any price changes

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Elephant Sanctuary, Plettenberg Bay


Walk, Ride, Feed - enjoy the Majesty of the Elephant.

You are guided on foot through The Elephant Sanctuary. Guides will provide in-depth information and insight into African elephants. You will be introduced to our elephants in the forest area, and here you will be able to touch and interact with the elephants. You will see the special relationship that the elephant handlers share with their elephants and become a part of it. Walk trunk-in-hand with the elephants. See the stables where the elephants sleep at night. Guests learn about elephant anatomy and are able to feed them. On some hot or rainy days you may see the elephants swimming. Enjoy a drink and visit the curio shop. Remember to wear flat walking shoes, sun hats and take your camera. Brushing the elephants down is offered on the Elephant Brush down Experience Tour which starts at 07h30 and 15h30. Elephant Back Riding is a stand-alone activity or an optional extra. Various tours are offered depending on the duration and intensity of experience you desire. The different tours are listed below with summaries as to what to expect and the rates.

Elephant Back Riding

Riding is an opportunity to experience elephants from a different perspective. It is not a safari experience - (Only for the fit and adventurous). Wear jeans or long pants. Guests may choose Elephant Back Riding without doing an Elephant tour or they may add it onto any of the Elephant tours. Children must be 8 years+ in order to ride elephants. The Elephant Ride is bareback and is only for a short duration of approx 10-15 minutes.

Walk trunk in hand with Elephants Tour

R475 per person

(08:00, 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30)

Duration: 1 hour (approx)

Guided Tour (trained Elephant Guide). Full Elephant Introduction in Forest and tour of the Sanctuary and Stables. Touching and interacting with Elephants. Walking hand-in-trunk with Elephants. Feeding (Elephant Food of R30.00 included). The opportunity to purchase a DVD in full HD of your experience with the Elephants.


Elephant Back Riding


R475 per person

(Optional Add-on to Elephant Interaction Program or stand alone.)

A short bare-back ride (10-15 minutes). Children must be minimum of 8 years old to ride elephants.

Full Elephant Experience Tour

R950 per person

(08:00, 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30)

7 days a week. 1 Hour 15 min tour. Guided Tour (trained elephant Guide). Full Elephant Introduction in Forest. Touching and interacting with Elephants. Walking hand-in-trunk with Elephants. Feeding (Elephant Food of R30.00 included). Includes Elephant Back Riding. Should an adult guest be unable to ride deduct R400.00 from the Cost. The opportunity to purchase a DVD of your experience with the Elephants 

Elephant Brush down Experience Tour

R575 per person


(07:30, 15:30). 7 days a week

Duration: 90 minutes

Guided Tour (trained elephant Guide). Full Elephant Introduction in Forest and tour of the Sanctuary and Stables. Brushing the Elephants. Touching and interacting with Elephants.Walking hand-in-trunk with Elephants. Feeding (Elephant Food of R30.00 included). The opportunity to purchase a DVD of your experience with the Elephants.


Excludes: Cost of DVD; Elephant Back Riding optional add-on. This tour can only be offered first and last tour of the day (07:30, 15:30).

Elephant Sanctuary, The Crags, Plettenberg Bay:

Animal Alley, The Crags, off the N2 near Natures Valley next to Monkeyland

Tel: +27 (44) 534 8145

 Fax: +27 (86) 515 2163

The Elephant Sanctuary is approximately 95k from Porcupine Pie

16 km from Plettenberg Bay town.

Animal Alley, The Crags, off the N2 near Natures Valley.

Right next to Monkeyland and Birds of Eden.

To read more about these & other activities visit our website: http://www.porcupinepie.co.za/activities3.htm
Prices correct when posted (Oct 2014). Check for any price changes

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tsitsikamma Adventure Tours


Zip Lining in Tsitsikamma

Situated 8 km from the Storms River Bridge on the N@, Tsitiskamma Falls Adventures offers spectacular zip line adventure slides across the Kruis River. The eight slides, of which the longest is 211m, offer a total of 822m of zip line riding. They zigzag across the river gorge, as high as 50m above the water in some places.

Each section presents its own surprises, adventure, wonder and beautiful views over the indigenous Tsitsikamma fauna & flora. Users can control their rate of decent, allowing them to stop mid-cable to take in some of the awesome views over the waterfalls. The guides provide interesting commentary about the area as patrons traverse the gorge & waterfalls.

They operate in all conditions 365 days a year. This is a dry facility, & rain suites will be provided when necessary. Children 3 years and older can partake in this action packed adventure thrill in tandem with a parent or a guide.

The duration of the rides is 1.5 hours.

The also offer a 36m abseil down a fairy tale fern cove to the base of a waterfall.

Price for the Zip line adventure is R375 & the abseil is R120.

Booking is recommended but not essential.

The activity is approximately 120km from Porcupine Pie


33’ 58’’ 98 S 24’ 01’’ 34 E

Telephone 042 280 3770

Mobile 082 578 1090


To read more about these & other activities visit our website: http://www.porcupinepie.co.za/activities3.htm

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

White Lion at Jukani

The sanctuary is home to big cats such as lions (white and tawny), cheetahs, tigers (Siberian, Bengal and white), leopard (spotted and black), jaguar, pumas, caracal, serval cats and other wildlife species such as zebra, wild dog, springbuck, zorilla, honey badger, raccoons and various snake species (which are housed separately).

At Jukani the focus is on conservation education and specifically the plight of large predators in captivity, in South Africa and all over the world. “Big cats” are extraordinary animals with a dangerous beauty that is both awe inspiring but also fearsome because of their power and ability to kill. However at most wildlife facilities various wildlife species and especially large predatory species are kept as a way of attracting visitors without regard for the animals' physical and emotional needs, they are just commodities to attract visitors.

The Jukani approach is one of respect for what each animal represents. All the female predator cats are on birth control, and the sanctuary is a no-touch facility.

They are open from 09.00 to 17.00, and our recommendation would be that you try to get there reasonably early in the day, or else closer to closing time – cats have a tendency to enjoy a midday nap, so visting them in the heat of the day is not ideal.

Cost is currently R160 per adult & R80 per child & includes a guided tour.

GPS Co-ordinates:
33 58 41.1S 23 26 15.7E
The Sanctuary is situated 12km north of Plettenberg Bay just off the N2.
Distance from Porcupine Pie is approximately 90km.

Contact numbers
044 534 8409 or 083 444 5216

To read more about these & other activities visit our website: http://www.porcupinepie.co.za/activities3.htm

*Images Copyright Skin The Cat Creative Lab

Face Adrenalin – Bungee Jumping


Bungi Jumping in the Garden Route

The Bloukrans Bungy is the world’s highest commercial bungy bridge.  It is also the highest commercial natural bungy jump in the World.  There have been a number of world records associated with Bloukrans.  In 2003, Bloukrans bungy was recognised as the world’s highest commercial bungy jump.

In 2008 it was part of two more world records.  Veronica Dean performed 19 bungy jumps in one hour and Bill Boshoff performed 101 jumps in a 24 hour period.  Bill's world record was subsequently surpassed but in 2011 Scott Hunty was again facilitated to regain the world record with 107 jumps in the 24 hour period.

The Bloukrans Bridge is 216 meters (709 feet) above the Bloukrans River.  The bungy jump operations are open 365 days of the year during all weather conditions (except gale force winds)
The primary focus is on maintaining the highest quality safety standards on all operations so that bungy jumping can be experienced and enjoyed by all.  All operations are covered by comprehensive public liability.

The current cost is R790 for a jump, and this will increase from the 1st November 2014 to R850 per jump. A walk to the launch area is R100.
Bookings should be made 48 hours in advance, but they will try to assist with late bookings.
The Bungee Jump is approximately 120km from Porcupine Pie.

Travel on the N2 from Wilderness 40 km East of Plettenberg Bay, you will go through the Tsitsikamma tollgate 3 km past the tollgate you will drive over the bridge, and 500m past the bridge, turn left at the road sign "Tsitsikamma Khoisan Village / BungyJumping".

GPS Coordinates: 33 degrees 59' 55'' South 23 degrees 38' 51" East
Their website is www.faceadrenalin.com
Landline: 042 281 1458
Mobile: 083 413 6091

To read more about these & other activities visit our website: http://www.porcupinepie.co.za/activities3.htm

*Images Copyright Face Adrenalin

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pie's Last Blog

Pie’s last blog.

When I started Pie’s blog Page I had an idea which I thought readers of the blog might enjoy. Our intention was always to let Pie go free when he was old enough, and what I planned on doing was writing a monthly blog by Pie as he wandered around the Touw River Valley, The Wilderness and Porcupine Pie Lodge itself, and letting Pie tell interesting and amusing stories of happenings at the Lodge.
In the middle of May we received a second porcupine that we estimate to be about 6 months old. But this was definitely a worldly porcupine that was not vaguely interested in captivity. It was in fact such a character that we named it “Cracker”. Well Cracker escaped the enclosure on it’s first night here and spent the days in hiding, but came out every night for dinner and then spent the night lying with Pie but on the outside of the enclosure.
That decided us – it was time to set Pie free. We cut a section of the fence away the next day at lunch time. Pie watched us, sniffed around the open piece but did not move.
Only after dinner, when Cracker was with him did he finally venture out. We watched sadly as he & Cracker paddled off down the trail towards the valley – would we ever see them again?
At 3.30am we were woken by a commotion & went out to find that Pie & Cracker had broken into the dog’s enclosure and were happily sleeping next to Cole & Saffron’s kennel. We always suspected that Pie thought he was a dog, but here was the proof – he was back with the friends he had grown up with & was feeling secure.
And as everyone seemed perfectly comfortable with this sleeping arrangement we did not worry about it.
Unbeknown to us, Pie was “marking his territory every time he went out which in turn was attracting wild porcupines – one of which broke into the dog’s enclosure . Whether Cole was defending Pie, or whether he simply did not realise that not all porcupines were friendly he tragically suffered the consequence of us messing with nature.
Cole, the beautiful 75kg Great Dane with not a nasty bone in his body died on the morning of the 27th May from injuries sustained.
We not only lost the most wonderful dog anyone could hope to have, but this event has upset the balance and created mistrust between all involved. Saffron is now terrified of porcupines, and the porcupines do not trust her or us the way they used to. It was however us who created this un-natural situation, and we wanted to make sure that Pie & Cracker do not suffer as a result of what has happened. We have made enquiries and are happy to announce that Botlierskop Private Game Reserve in Little Brak River on the Garden Route have agreed to give them a new home from next week.
Pie might at some stage start writing his blogs again from Botlierskop, but I am sorry, this will be Pie’s last blog from here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What A Name


Pie. It is a strange name, even for a Porcupine, but as time has gone by I have grown to not only accept, but even enjoy it. I see the expression on guests faces when I am introduced, thinking how could anyone call their Porcupine Pie, but I am really grateful that I was adopted by John & Judy – imagine if it had been Angelina & Brad, I could have been Maddox Porcupine, Zahara Porcupine or even Shiloh Nouvel Porcupine. That would have sucked for my image out there! No, Pie is good for me.
How did they come up with the name – I have heard this explanation so often that it’s beginning to sound like a broken record (as you get to know John you will realise that he tells a good story, but he sure tells the same one over & over, and he can drag them out for ever – something Judy does point out when allowed to!) Anyway, when they first moved down to Wilderness from Johannesburg a few years ago John had to lay a couple of kilometers of cement strip road in order to offer access to their lodge-to-be. After doing the first strips and being hugely proud of them he was really upset next morning to find a set of footprints paddling up the length he had laid. They weren’t Baboon, Leopard, Lynx, all of which are found in the valley, or even that of domestic dogs – also found in the valley. Fortunately Duimpie (which means little thumb) and Kobus, the two guys who John inherited when they bought the farm, and know everything about the farm, and do everything that needs to be done could enlighten John – Porcupine prints was what they were. John mentioned this to Judy on his return to the house, who immediately exclaimed that’s it - Porcupine Pie!! I had better explain at this time that John & Judy had bought this amazing 26h farm with the intention of building a lodge overlooking the Wilderness National Park. They knew the importance of a name – Misty Mountain, Happy Valley or Sea View just wouldn’t be remembered – they wanted something that would intrigue and be unforgettable, and some singer called Neil Diamond got high on LSD in the 70’s & came out with a weird song called Porcupine Pie – Google it and you will see what I mean.
The lodge was launched & doing fine, & then one day I pitched up on their doorstep. John (who not only tells long stories, but also has no imagination – he was a suit in the ad business which says it all) wanted to call me Spike (yuck) but fortunately some other brainless person has already called their Porcupine Spike, so I got to be named after the Lodge – and as far as we know only one booking has been lost because Porcupine Pie is served at the Lodge!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pie in the Sky

“Pie” is a delightful porcupine – about 5 – 6 months old as far as we can ascertain. Pie was bought to us as an orphaned young porcupine found wandering around, very hungry and very frightened, near a farm in the vicinity of Uniondale, South Africa.
We are unsure if Pie is male or female, and so far nobody has volunteered to find out! For the purposes of this write-up we will assume he is a male!
Because of our Lodge name he was offered to us to care for – for the first month we kept him warm and dark in our spare bedroom, but as he grew and became stronger and more adventurous we moved him to an enclosure in the garden where he can play and dig to his hearts content.
Our aim is to keep him in the enclosure until he is old enough to fend for himself. At that stage we will take part of the fence away, and let him come and go as he likes. Hopefully the Sweetcorn and ProNutro – which are his two favorite foods – will be enough to keep him coming back to visit at feeding time!