Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pie in the Sky

“Pie” is a delightful porcupine – about 5 – 6 months old as far as we can ascertain. Pie was bought to us as an orphaned young porcupine found wandering around, very hungry and very frightened, near a farm in the vicinity of Uniondale, South Africa.
We are unsure if Pie is male or female, and so far nobody has volunteered to find out! For the purposes of this write-up we will assume he is a male!
Because of our Lodge name he was offered to us to care for – for the first month we kept him warm and dark in our spare bedroom, but as he grew and became stronger and more adventurous we moved him to an enclosure in the garden where he can play and dig to his hearts content.
Our aim is to keep him in the enclosure until he is old enough to fend for himself. At that stage we will take part of the fence away, and let him come and go as he likes. Hopefully the Sweetcorn and ProNutro – which are his two favorite foods – will be enough to keep him coming back to visit at feeding time!

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